BioGuard Back Up® (946ml)


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BioGuard Back Up® (946ml)

Back-Up is one of the most important products that is imperative to proper BioGuard pool care! Using the wonderful algae prevention of ‘quats’, Back-Up is a great way to keep your pool algae free. In addition, it is step three of BioGuard’s weekly care system and helps to keep your pool clean and green free!
How to Use: With the pump running, pour the recommended dosage on a weekly basis around the edges of the deep end of the pool

Non-staining formula prevents a wide variety of algae
Powerful wetting agent and surfactant help it work into cracks and crevices
Keeps your pool protected while you’re on vacation, just add an extra dosage
Prevent algae from appearing with routine weekly maintenance
Highly concentrated

Pro Tip: Choose one day a week to do all your weekly maintenance on (adding Silk Smart Sticks, Smart Shock and Back-Up) and add all three products consecutively!
Size: 946 mililiters