BioGuard Banish® (946ml)


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BioGuard Banish® (946ml)

Banish is one of the most important products that are imperative to proper BioGuard pool care! Using the wonderful algae killing power of copper sulfate, Banish is a great way to keep your pool algae free. In addition, it is step three of BioGuard’s weekly care system and helps to keep your pool clean and green-free!

How to Use: With the pump running, pour the recommended dosage on a weekly basis around the edges of the deep end of the pool

  • Liquid algicide
  • Controls and eliminates algae growth (use on blue pools, not green pools)
  • Works on all surface types
  • Used as step 3 in BioGuard’s weekly pool care system

Pro Tip: Choose one day a week to do all your weekly maintenance (adding Silk Smart Sticks, Smart Shock and Banish) and add all three products consecutively!

Size: 946 mililiters