BioGuard Burn-Out® 3 (2kg)


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BioGuard Burn-Out® 3 (2kg)

Burn Out 3 is a traditional high chlorine shock treatment typically used for algae destruction, chlorine demand troubleshooting and general problem solving. It is quick dissolving and an easy way to shock your pool without any hassle or worries!
How to Use: Broadcast required number of bags of Burn Out 3 at night with the solar cover off, brush your pool after adding to prevent any linter bleaching or settling of the Burn Out 3

Shocks pool to remove wastes, algae, organic matter, and increase chlorine levels
Dissolves quickly
Pre-mixing only required if pool is cold
Works on all pool surfaces and types
Maintains clear water
Use at night with the solar cover off and sun off the pool

Pro Tip: The UV rays of the sun consume Burn Out 3 very quickly. Consequently, it is much more effective to add Burn Out 3 at night (or when the sun is off the pool)!
Size: 2 kilograms