BioGuard Burn Out® (400gm Bags Only)


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BioGuard Burn Out® (400gm Bags Only)

Burn Out is a great “all-in-one” multi-functional shock that clarifies, sanitizes, and helps enhance the productivity of your filter. It is also used in trouble-shooting scenarios to increase chlorine levels to deal with both chlorine demands and algae. 
Product Information:

Clarifies, oxidizes, sanitizes and enhances the productivity of your filter
Helps spike chlorine levels when dealing with chlorine demand
Helps control algae
Sanitizes and removes organic wastes
Eliminates bather wastes including oils and greases
Will not cloud water
Packaged individually in 400g bags

How to Use:

Remove your skimmer basket and slowly pour the recommended number of bags of Burn Out into your skimmer with the pump running

Size: 400 gram bag