BioGuard Clarifying Tabs™ (6x60gm Tablets)


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BioGuard Clarifying Tabs™ (6x60gm Tablets)

BioGuard Clarifying Tablets work to aid the pool’s sand filter to collect and trap small particles of dirt, dead algae, pollen and other fine debris. Excellent in conjunction with other BioGuard Remedy products to recover from an algae problem or as part of your maintenance program, using Clarifying tablets will restore and add sparkle to your pool.
How to Use: First, thoroughly backwash sand filter. Second, balance pool water. Third, place 2 clarifying tablets into skimmer basket. An increase in filter pressure will occur following application. When filter pressure increases above normal operating levels, as specified by the filter manufacturer, backwash!

Clears Cloudy water, restores water sparkle, keeping pool water clear.
Helps the filter remove tiny particles of dirt, plaster dust, dead algae, pollen, etc.
For use with sand filters only

Makes filter perform better.
Compatible with chlorine and bromine systems

Pro Tip: For optimum water quality, re-apply Clarifying Tablets after tablets have fully dissolved or after each backwash!
Size: 6, 60 gram Tablets