BioGuard Lo 'N Slo® (11kg)


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BioGuard Lo 'N Slo® (11kg)

Lo n’ Slo is the simple way to reduce high pH and high alkalinity in pool water. It also helps to prevent staining, scaling and swimmer discomfort due to high pH and alkalinity. Furthermore, it helps aid your chemicals to be more effective by dropping the pH into a range where they will work optimally!
How to Use: When the pool is not in use, broadcast the required dosage across the surface of the deep end with the pump running

Lowers pH and total alkalinity

Prevents cloudy water as result of high pH
Used instead of muriatic acid
More safe than muriatic acid

Increases swimmer comfort
Increases chemical efficacy
Prevents staining and scaling of pool equipment and liner deterioration

For use in all pool types and sizes

Pro Tip: Use your test kit or test strips to measure pH, but never add any chemical balancers without consulting our Water Lab to save you money, time and frustration!
Size: 11 kilograms