BioGuard Polysheen Blue® (946ml)


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BioGuard Polysheen Blue® (946ml)

Polysheen Blue is one of BioGuard’s most popular products for keeping your water looking crystalline. It uses special polymer technology that allows it to both gather unfilterable microparticles and remove them from your water. Polysheen Blue also helps maximize the life of your filter and is a product that is fantastic for problem solving and maintenance! 
How to Use: Pour recommended dosage of Polysheen Blue around the edges of the deep end of the pool with the pump running

Is highly concentrated
Contains clarifiers and polymers that catch unfilterable microparticles that cause cloudy water
Elongates the lives of your filters
No pre-dissolving
No vaccuming required after use
Does not affect pH
Great for problem solving and maintaining a crystal clear pool
Works in all pool types, sizes, and liners

Pro Tip: You can overdose on Polysheen Blue (which may make your water cloudy)! Make sure to follow the recommended dose and do not add the recommended dosage more than once every 72 hours!
Size: 946 mililiters