BioGuard Pool Complete™ (3.78ltr)


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BioGuard Pool Complete™ (3.78ltr)

Pool Complete is a 3-in-1 high intensity weekly formula that adds the final touch to any pool! It helps to clarify your water, remove and prevent scale build-up as well as remove phosphates which promote algae growth!
How to Use: Pour recommended dosage of Pool Complete around the edges of the deep end with the pump running and pool circulating

3 in 1 formulta
Clarifies your pool
Prevents scale buildup
Removes phosphates and prevents algae growth
Part of BioGuard’s recommended weekly maintenance program

Pro Tip: You can apply all of your weekly maintenance chemicals together on the same day on a weekly basis. Just choose your favourite day and do all of your maintenance chemical applications on that day!
Size: 3.78 liters