BioGuard Scale Inhibitor™ (946ml)


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BioGuard Scale Inhibitor™ (946ml)

Scale Inhibitor is an amazing preventative chemical that prevents staining, scaling and cloudy water. It protects and elongates the lives of pool surfaces and metal pool equipment from damage and can ultimately save you money spent on replacing expensive heaters, liners, and other surfaces that are prone to scale build-up! 
How to Use: Pour recommended dosage of Scale Inhibitor around the edges of the pool with the pump running

Helps to protect pool surfaces, liner, pipes, plumbing, filters and heaters
Lasts for up to four weeks
Works great in pools with high calcium levels (pools that use well water)
Can save you money and time
Prevents cloudy water due to high calcium levels
Works in both chlorine and bromine pools

Pro Tip: Brushing stained areas after applying Scale Inhibitor may help loosen or even remove some of the scale deposits on your liner!
Size: 946 mililiters