BioGuard Skim Mor® Skimmer Socks (1 pack contains 5 socks)


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BioGuard Skim Mor® Skimmer Socks (1 pack contains 5 socks)

Skim Mor Socks are one of the most fantastic and helpful pool products in the market! Now, it is easier than ever before to elongate the life of you filter, and to prevent many unwanted pool problems caused by organic matter, pollen, as well as bather wastes!:

Skim Mor Socks catch debris, organic matter, pollen, and bather wastes
Each sock is treated with Mycelx, which attracts oils and lotions which may otherwise block a filter
Elongates the life of your filter
Works in all skimmer types and pool types
Must have a skimmer basket to use product
Available in a package of 5 Skim Mor Socks

How to Use:

Stretch the Skim Mor Sock around the top of your skimmer basket, making sure that you chlorine sticks or pucks sit in the basket (below the sock)
Replace the Skim Mor Sock every two weeks or when necessary

Pro Tip: Make sure to replace the Skim Mor Socks if there is plenty of debris in the sock! Otherwise, you may be reducing the water flow in your pool and can cause damage to both your pump and filter!
Size: Pack of 5 Socks