BioGuard Sparkle Up® (750gm)


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BioGuard Sparkle Up® (750gm)

Tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster dust, dead algae, pollen, etc. may pass right through the filter. BioGuard Sparkle Up will trap these particles in the filter and will rapidly restore sparkle to cloudy water. This product contains no D.E. or alum. It will not affect the pH of pool water! Use this product when your filter experiences difficulty in filtering very small particles.

Improves filtration of all filter types
Gets rid of cloudy water
Restores water sparkle, keeping pool water clear
Helps the filter remove tiny particles of dirt, plaster dust, dead algae, pollen, etc.
When used with Pool Magnet, it will removes metals to prevent staining
Makes sand filters perform better

Size: 750 grams