BioGuard Stabilizer 100™ (2.25kg)


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BioGuard Stabilizer 100™ (2.25kg)

Stabilizer 100 is a fantastic, money saving, time saving and chlorine saving chemical! It elongates the life of your chlorine by acting like “sunscreen”, and blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays from consuming your chlorine.
Product Information:

Reduces chlorine use (elongates the life of your chlorine)
Prevents chlorine loss
Use product only when fresh water is added or when there is rain
Use only in chlorine pools
Reduces maintenance costs and money spent on chlorine
Suitable for all chlorine pools

Suitable for all pool sizes

How to Use:

No “sock” required, merely broadcast the required dosage of Stabilizer 100 across the surface of your pool with the pump running
Alternatively, you can skimmer feed the required dosage of Stabilizer 100 with the pump running

Pro Tip: If you are wanting to know what your stabilizer levels are on your BioGuard results, merely look for the word CYA. In fact, CYA is short for cyanuric acid, or what we more commonly call stabilizer!
Size: 2.25 kilograms