BioGuard Stow Away® (946ml)


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BioGuard Stow Away® (946ml)

Make your neighbors jealous of the fact that you have the cleanest pool cover in town by using Stow Away! Stow Away cleans your pool cover, extends the life of your pool cover, and ensures that your pool cover is smelling lemony fresh (and is devoid of mold and mildew) when you open your pool in the spring!

How to Use:

  • Remove cover and spread on the lawn
  • Apply Stow Away across the surface of the cover and brush the cover
  • Rinse all debris and fold cover
  • Place the cover in a storage container or bin, and store the cover away

An all purpose pool cover cleaner
Prepares pool covers for storage
Eliminates odors, mold, and mildew whilst storing
Has a pleasant lemon scent
Allows cover to be stored wet
Helps to remove staining on the cover
Extends the life of your pool cover
Can also be used on many other pool items including solar covers and pool umbrellas

Pro Tip: Always clean your cover in the spring upon removing it after opening your pool. Also, use Stow Away to clean your solar cover in the fall to ensure that your solar cover is in wonderful condition for spring opening!
Size: 946 milliliters.