Heat Pumps & Heaters

Keep your swimming pool warm and comfortable, 24/7!

With the right water heating technology, you can create a warm pool environment that is always ready to be enjoyed.
Our team can help you find the best one for your swimming pool and maintain it for many enjoyable years to come.

With brands like AquaCal and Hayward, you’ll wonder how you ever went without a heat pump or pool heater.

AquaCal TropiCal Pool Heat Pumps

Aqua Cal Heat Pump - Heater

Did You Know…

A heat pump uses nature’s ‘free heat’ from the air to heat your pool water. It applies the same principle used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology adapted to pools and spas. A heat pump can even pull residual heat from cool air. Electricity is only needed to transfer the heat, not to create it! This makes a heat pump the most economical, safe and trouble-free way to heat your pool.

Above Ground Models: T55, T75 and T90
In-Ground Models: T90, T115 and T135


  • High performance titanium heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor controlled defrost cycle allows operation down to mid to low 40s °F
  • Lockable, flip-out control panel protected against sun and weather
  • Built-in drain pan for condensate management
  • Impact resistant, rust and fade proof cabinet
  • Quieter than conventional heat pumps
  • Up to 680% return on your energy dollar
  • Save up to 85% in heating cost as compared to gas

Hayward Universal H-Series Heaters

Did You Know…

The Universal H-Series is an energy efficient, high performance, installation adaptable commitment to the pool service professional.

Both natural gas and propane Hayward heaters sold in the following BTUs: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400


  • Standard cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance
  • Exclusive “Totally Managed” cupro nickel heat exchanger water flow
  • Same water velocity through all tubes for faster heating
  • Patented header by-pass design
  • Up to 18 percent savings by reducing pump run-time
  • 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing connections
  • Common union for installation or service, adapts to larger plumbing recommended for greater efficiencies
  • Low NOx emissions – meets clean air quality standards
  • Sold in both natural gas and propane

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