Oceanic RTR

Pool Size:

15′ 18′ 20′ 24′ 28′ 33′
12′ x 33′ | 12′ x 24′ | 15′ x 26′ | 15′ x 30′ | 18′ x 33′

Escalade STR Circle

Let The Oceanic become the central part of your backyard enjoyment!

  • Height: 52/54
  • Top Ledge: 10″ Resin
  • Upright: Printed Steel
  • Bottom Rail: Aluminum
  • Stabilizer: Aluminum
  • Bottom Plate: Resin
  • Top Plate: Steel
  • Ledge Cover: Two-piece
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About the Oceanic RTR Pool

The Oceanic’s oval pool system is available with the Yardmore Buttress free Oval system. This streamlined system was designed to use less space in your backyard. A structurally simplified design with the superior strength and durability of our traditional construction that is both efficient and attractive.

The Oceanic curved top ledge provides a perfect look and extra rigidity. Engineering and design complement each other to give you a beautiful, top-quality pool value.

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